Competition Rules

These rules must be read in conjunction with the Conditions of Entry.

Stages for entering your images

  • There are two separate stages when submitting images for this competition and exhibition.
    • In the first instance, you must submit your image(s) for judging in the competition. These are referred to as Competition Images.
    • Subsequently, should any of your images be selected for the exhibition, you will need to submit printed and mounted images ready to be hung in the exhibition. These are referred to as Exhibition Images or Exhibition Prints.
  • Competition Images will be graded as “Accepted” or “Not Accepted” for hanging in the exhibition. Winning entries will be judged from those entries graded as “Accepted”.

Competition Images

  • Closing date for the receipt of Competition Images is Monday, 7 Aug 2017 at 2400hrs.
  • Entrants may submit up to four images with a maximum of two entries in any one category.
  • To be considered for “Photographer of the Year” or runner up, entrants must submit images in at least three separate categories.
  • The images must be submitted as jpegs, in an sRGB colour space, and sized to 1920 pixels on the longest side—with each image up to a maximum of 2MB in size.
  • Images must have been taken within the last two years.
  • Images must be labeled with a filename comprising your name, the category entered and the entry number within that category. For example:

Joe_Bloggs_OPEN_1.jpg or Joe_Bloggs_LSC_1.jpg

  • The following short form labels should be used for the categories:
    • LIK – Life in Kalamunda
    • LSC – Landscape, Seascape and Cityscape
    • FF – Flora and Fauna
    • OPEN – Open
    • JUN – Junior

Exhibition Images (Prints)

  • Depending on the total amount of available space, the organisers foresee an upper limit of 200 works being hung in the exhibition.
  • Entrants whose Competition Images have been accepted for inclusion in the exhibition, will be advised by 5:00 pm on 18 August 2017.
  • On being advised of acceptance, successful entrants will be required to print and mount their images in readiness for delivery.
  • There is a standard printing and mounting  format for this competition. Printed entries must be mounted on an A2 sized mount board (59.4 X42cm) OR on a square mount board (42 x 42cm). The mount board must be high density foam core, self-adhesive mounting board. Other materials, such as Styrofoam, wood, glass or aluminium, are not permitted. A total thickness, including image and any matte, must not exceed 10mm. Double mattes are permitted along as the 10mm total thickness is adhered to.
  • The reverse (back) of the mount board must be free of glue, Velcro, sticky tapes, etc..
  • The actual image must be a minimum of 26cm on the longest side, or larger up to the full A2 size. A matte may be used but the visible image must still be at least 26cm on the longest side.
  • Delivery of mounted photographs should be to the ZigZag Cultural Centre Gallery, 50 Railway Road, Kalamunda between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm on Sunday 17th September – 2017, suitably packaged (protected against damage) and clearly labelled with the name, address and telephone number of the entrant.
  • Images not mounted according to the specified materials and dimensions will not be displayed.

Cost of Entry

  • There is a fee of $20 per Competition Image that you wish to submit. Online payment by credit card, via PayPal, or direct debit is available on the Entry Form.