There are four categories in this competition. All categories are open to members of camera clubs and members of the community who reside in Western Australia. 

Junior entrants,  under 16 years of age on the 7th August 2018, are encouraged to enter.

Entrants may submit up to four images with a maximum of two entries in any one category.  

City of Kalamunda View   

Images depicting places; people and activities within the City of Kalamunda district (suburbs). Photographers are encouraged to visit the City of Kalamunda and showcase their interpretation of the Hills area. Refer to guidelines below for this category


This includesLandscapes; Seascapes; Flora (Living Plants) & Fauna (Animals).

Refer to guidelines below for this category


The choice of subject is at the Photographers discretion. There is free interpretation of fine art in photography. Show your technical expertise in capturing the image and creativity in the digital darkroom.

The only stipulation is that for monochromatic images must be toned with a SINGLE hue, or Black and White; for colour, must have 2 or more colours.


This is an open category, i.e. no set subject, specifically for those photographers who are under 16 years of age on the 7 August 2018. You will need to get a parent or guardian to provide permission for your entries (see the entry form). 

Guidelines for the ‘City of Kalamunda’ and ‘Nature’ categories:

  • The ‘natural history of the image at the moment of capture’ is to be maintained.
  • Not permitted to ‘add’ anything to the image; limited digital manipulation is allowed.
  • Changes are limited to
    • Removing dust spots
    • Exposure, contrast & tonality
    • White balance correction
    • Cropping to a maximum of 50% of original image
    • Can remove both major and minor distracting elements