2017 Winners

2017 Photographer of the Year 

  • Winner: Jason Matz
  • Runner up: Marie Kingsley

City of Kalamunda Acquisition Prize

  • Winner: Craig Palmer; The Back Garden

Bendigo Bank Acquisition Prize

  • Winner: Arne Jespersen; Committee Meeting

Flora and Fauna 


  • Winner:  Mike Fuller; Avian Yoga
  • 2nd Place: Rebecca Harrison; Hunting at the Golden Hour
  • 3rd Place: Nicki Harvey; Reflect

Life in Kalamunda


  • Winner:  Darryl Collet; Cycle Race on the Zig Zag
  • 2nd Place: Steve Bentley; Fun in Stirk Park
  • 3rd Place: Jason Metz; Jazz Man



  • Winner: Jaiden Haynes; Illuminate
  • 2nd Place: Olivia Barrable; Magnificent Marri
  • Equal 3rd Place: Sophie Burdett; Harry
  • Equal 3rd Place: Paige Evans; Framed Self Portrait



  • Winner: Marie Kingsley; Feather
  • 2nd Place: Jason Matz; Charged Fish
  • 3rd Place: Shane Ellison; Beach Ball


  • Winner:  Jason Matz; The Quay
  • 2nd Place: Jason Matz; Jetties
  • 3rd Place: Chris de Blank; Mountains in the Mist